Friday, April 15, 2011

Holy Week

We are coming to the end of Lent and in a matter of days chocolate, coffee or whatever it was that we gave up for Lent will be returned to us. That's assuming that we paid any attention to Lent at all, which is becoming a risky assumption.

In these days of increasingly aggressive secularization, living our faith on a daily basis instead of limiting it to an hour a week is a difficult task. Yet if we follow Jesus through the three years of his ministry depicted by the Gospels we will find a person who lived his faith day to day. Here was a person who was so close to God that he called him "Daddy" (a better translation of Abba than Father.) He spent as much time in prayer as he did doing the work of preaching and healing. In a very real way Jesus was the embodiment of his message.

The message that Jesus preached was the immanent Dominion of God. This was a way of being that demanded radical obedience to God and the ideals of God's justice. The first will be last, the poor will be uplifted.

What do we embody? It is easy to pick on the consumer society, but it is so easy to define ourselves by what we own or what we do to own it that God gets lost in the clutter.

If someone looks at our lives will they immediately sense our close and loving relationship with God?

How do we need to live for that to be true?

Are we prepared to live our lives that way?

These are the real questions we need to ponder during the season of Lent

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