Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Un-Christmas

In Through the Looking Glass, Humpty Dumpty explains to Alice the math behind the un-Birthday. We only have one Birthday, but 364 possible un-Birthdays. Statistically you will do much better with the un-Birthdays.

The same math will hold true for Christmas. There are a lot more days that aren't Christmas than are. I'm not advocating that we should decorate the house, eat turkey (or our feast of choice) and exchange gifts every day, but the bedrock essentials of Christmas are there for the celebrating every day that we wake up.

Christmas highlights what God wants to give us each and every day; Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Why wait until December 25th to enjoy these gifts? Why not bask in love on March 23, or live in joy on July 2?

When the last turkey sandwich is consumed, the tree relegated to its box and the decorations packed away for another year, the most important stuff will stay with us. God came to us, so that we could return to God. Today, tomorrow and tomorrow.

Have a blessed Christmas, and a very merry un-Christmas.

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